Before we get into it let’s start with what exactly is Voice Search and how it is related to Digital Marketing.

The technology used to communicate verbally in order to ask or search any given question/topic through the means of a verbally activated device such as a smartphone, computer, etc. is called a voice search.
Digital Marketing as we know is directly related to digital technologies hence any new popular technology launched in the market can, as a result, alter its functioning throughout the world. Voice search, on the other hand, is a popular technology that is gaining more attention throughout the world and thus voice search can directly affect the way people search online and will soon be adapted in the Indian market as well. This can result in a change in the Search Engine Optimisation techniques we use in Digital Marketing around the globe.

Here is some Statistical data on Voice search in 2020.

According to the statistics it is predicted that more than 30% of the world population will use voice search by the year 2020.

  • 61% of 25-64-year olds say they’ll use their voice-activated devices more in the future
  • 40% of the adults now use smartphone-activated voice search at least once on a daily basis.
  • 20% of the searches on a smartphone device are voice-based.
  • 30% of all searches will be done using a device without a screen by the year 2020.
  • 72% of adults have considered shopping with the help of these voice-activated devices.
  • 42% of voice-activated speaker owners are open to suggested upcoming events or activities
  • 52% of voice-activated speaker owners are open to information about deals and promotions.

By the year 2022 Voice-activated search-based shopping is expected to go up to 40 billion dollars.
Along with this 55% of teenagers are using voice search on their smartphones on a daily basis.
20% of the consumers have made at least one voice purchase with the help of their digital home assistant.
85% of consumers end up selecting the products that the Amazon Voice assistant suggests.
Google Assistant will soon be upgraded to detect what language it is spoken to similar to Google translate.
This is a large number hence this popular industry of voice search can be used to optimize the means of digital marketing in India and around the world. The top voice-activated devices used around the world are google home, Siri, Alexa/Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Android phones/devices, and Microsoft Cortana.
Voice search is growing rapidly on a year-by-year basis and is becoming popular with all age-ranged populations, especially with the youth. Voice search is a part of our future and also our present and statistically, it is slowly becoming a part of our everyday life. The voice search has the potential to affect digital marketing and cause a huge impact both negatively and positively.

Traditionally the top 10 searched results had the most benefit through the traditional search performance if all of our search engine optimization techniques and digital marketing strategies worked really well. This means that even if we weren’t in the top ranking and were at the last place in the search result, we still had a chance of getting good traffic coming towards our website. But now due to Voice search, there will only be one result, there is only one selection done by the search engine and that is going to be the only result or answer to that particular search question. It is definitely not great news for most of the businesses and webpages competing for Google SEO. With voice search, there will only be one result. Thus, the winner takes it all. It means if you’re not the top result of the search, you’re not a winner you are a loser straight away. You are part of the voice search or you are part of nothing. This can cause a major setback to most of the webpages and websites that use Search Engine Optimisation in order to Digitally Market their product. Not only that this will also completely change the way we are using traditional Digital Marketing techniques.

Thus, in order to keep up with the rise in various new technologies and to use the best optimization techniques for marketing, it is well advised to learn more about digital marketing and voice search along with its updates. This can be easily done through joining various digital marketing courses and digital marketing classes which will be beneficial for the best digital marketing strategies for your business, website, or work. You can find such well-updated digital marketing courses or digital marketing classes in various places in India. Some top firms can be found via online searches such as Victorrious Digiital which provides Digital marketing classes in Pune and Digital marketing courses in PCMC. The strategy required for voice search will be very different from traditional SEO. Voice search may naturally be facing popularity, yet this doesn’t mean that the traditional searches are dead. It’s most likely that the total number of searches will increase overall. It is important to remember that voice search SEO and traditional website SEO are different.

Therefore, various factors that affect search page rankings may or may not have the same result on voice search – and vice versa. Learning about voice search optimization will mostly improve webpage traffic, product purchase, and revenue. But despite the growing popularity of voice search, its demand and professional use are still on the rise. As a result, if you work on the optimization of your site for voice search now, you’ll most likely be ahead of the competition and increase your voice search rankings that will grow your brand in a long run. Optimizers that stay updated will benefit the most along with those who will upgrade their content for voice search. Voice search assistance is growing quickly and so is the competition in the digital market, Hence voice search optimization can unfold a bright future for digital marketing.