Increasing Length Of Snippets In Search Results

Google officially make an announcement about increasing the length of snippets in search results

Google officially declared that they have made changes in the length of Snippets and Meta description in search results. Google essentially said just a few weeks ago – “Hey, we have officially increased the length, the recommended length, and the display length of what we will show in the text snippet of standard organic results.”
Now the question arises why Google has made changes in the length of Snippets? And, what will be the limit of characters in Meta descriptions and Snippets? Google spokesperson shared with Search Engine Land – “We have made a change to give more descriptive relevant and useful snippets; so that people can better understand how pages are relevant to their searches.”

For the last few weeks, many experts have been noticing that Snippets is becoming longer. Snippets length was 160 characters now it is increased to almost 230 characters. Search Engine Land and some other webmaster didn’t give any statement in the increment in the length of Meta description. But, MOZ has announced the change in the Meta description limit in the Whiteboard Friday.

Well, most all the newbies in the SEO field can’t differentiate between Meta Descriptions and Snippets. Some are not familiar with the term Snippet in search results. A meta description is a few character descriptions on the search engine rank page (SERP). It is only text. On the other hand, Snippet is from the website page. For example, if a café has a website and they have added images, products, or ratings on their page and someone is looking for a café rating then Snippet can show that café with a rating. No matter how good or bad was.

For newbies, it will be hard to understand. Therefore, it is always better to join a professional SEO training institute in Pune to understand search engine optimization in detail. Every year, Google roll on new updates therefore it is important to keep eye on selected websites like MOZ, Search Engine land, etc to get informed with the latest news and updates.

A good Digital Marketing training institute will teach you both sides (bright and dark) of any update. And, if you are thinking to make a career in SEO then keep in mind, you have to be ready to learn new things. No doubt, it is the beauty of SEO. Every year, there will number of trends that will be ready to welcome you and you will love to test more things. You will say goodbye to some techniques while rest you have to choose carefully. And, it will make your work interesting. So, are you ready to join such an amazing field?

Do you know – most of the professionals are happy to see the increment in the length of Snippet? But, few are still in doubt. Website owners need to be very careful after this announcement as Google has taken some control away from owners. Yes, now website owners have lost direct control over the Snippet.

Large websites or e-commerce sites need to make relevant and on-topic descriptions. Google will decide what to display or and what to not from the description. More specifically, now, Google has the authority to pull out descriptions. Therefore, some experts suggested making relevant, fresh, on-topic content. Also, website owners have to increase the length to make a good ratio of content.