Facebook Updates 2018

Facebook hints at big changes coming to Newsfeed and Messenger in 2018

Most of us need to spend hours reading, reviewing, and analyzing articles, blogs posts & reports to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and techniques. Here are the top updates of 2018 on Facebook so that you can learn and understand the latest trends & perform better in your jobs.
Facebook News Updates

Facebook Tweaks the Algorithm: Is Organic Reach Dead? – We all have experienced that a number of commercial posts engage us and we cannot see what our family and friends are sharing. That is the big reason why Facebook is changing its news feed. Agencies who were noticing the changes in the algorithm have shared that there is a slow decline in organic reach. Some social media experts advised shifting their Facebook strategies from organic reach to paid one to get the same number of views. According to social media experts, such changes are essential to priorities what friends, family, and mentors, are sharing. Even, Facebook users are reporting content for various reasons such as irrelevant, irritating posts, or something else. On the other hand – Mr. John Hegemen, (Facebook’s VP of product management) said in a statement that there will be no effect on the advertisement with news feed update. Well, some agencies are not agreed with Mr. John Hegemen.

Facebook Released 2017 Annual Results – From daily active users and monthly active users to mobile advertising revenue and capital expenditures all have increased. “In 2018, we’re focused on making sure Facebook isn’t just for fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being and for society” – said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, and CEO. Further, he said, we have already made some changes in the last quarter so that people’s time can be well spent. Also, people can make meaningful connections instead of spending time on content.

Facebook Messenger Trends for 2018 – It would not be surprising to see a big rollout on the Messenger application. From relevant stickers to share locations and making payments – Messengers have all. But, it is not enough for the messenger. Sometimes we open our friends’ messages on messenger while watching TV serial or sports. Therefore, we need to re-play our favorite TV show or re-live our favorite sports moments. According to some experts, the messenger can surprise you with new features like in-app news & videos searches. Also, Facebook is trying to make Messenger a default platform. Also, the spokesperson of Facebook said, no matter where are you, we can stay connected with your near dear one even in the poor data signals.

Facebook is coming closer to humanizing its chatbots – No doubt; Facebook has put enough resources to improve its chatbot. And, still, Facebook is putting efforts to improve its conversational abilities. Chatbots are poor at making small talks. Even, A.I. is still unable to remember its own past. A.I. easily forgets the person’s name and cannot deal well with little tricky questions. According to some reports, Facebook’s engineers have created their own database to train A.I. Well, it will require time to truly get conversation as a human but it is improving.

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